The Different Kinds of Roofing and Several Repair and Routine Maintenance Procedures
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The Different Kinds of Roofing and Several Repair and Routine Maintenance Procedures

Living in Boca Raton, Florida means having wonderful weather most of the time. The sky is usually clear, the sun is bright, and warm breezes come in from the Gulf.
Sometimes, though, there might be short thunderstorms in the summer. If you want your home to stay safe during these storms, you need to take good care of your roof.
Keeping Safe During Roof Work
No matter what kind of roof you have, always think about safety first. Before working on your roof, make sure the sun is high up so the roof is dry and not slippery. Secure your ladder and safety ropes properly. Wear rubber-soled shoes, and be careful around power lines.
Taking Care of Different Roofs
Flat Roofing
⦁ Flat roofs can get blisters that cause leaks. Use a sharp knife to open the blister, drain the water, and patch it with roof cement and nails.
⦁ If the blister is too big, it’s better to ask for help from a roofing contractor in Boca Raton.
Shingle or Wooden Shake Roof
⦁ Repairing these roofs is similar, but it’s a bit more complicated for wooden shakes.
⦁ Replace damaged shingles or shakes. Use a chisel and hammer to remove the damaged ones, cut the replacement slightly smaller, and install following the instructions.
Open Roof Valley
⦁ If your shingle or shake roof still leaks after repairs, check the open roof valleys and flashing.
⦁ Use a metal sheet, cutter, and roof cement. Clean the valley, cut metal patches larger than the holes, and attach them with roof cement.
Dealing with Metal Flashing
⦁ For small cracks on metal flashing, cover them with roof cement.
⦁ If you notice bigger problems or tasks you can’t handle, it’s best to ask experts for help in roofing homes.
Taking care of your roof is important to keep your home safe and dry, especially when the lovely Boca Raton weather brings some unexpected summer storms.

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