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What Services Does An Automotive Locksmith Provide?

Automotive locksmiths in Murrieta provide a wide range of services revolving around installing, repairing, programming, or disassembling lock and key systems for vehicles. The most common services they provide include:

Emergency vehicle lockouts: one of the most common reasons for drivers to call a car locksmith in Murrieta is to regain access to their vehicle if they’ve lost or misplaced their keys.

Replacing lost or stolen keys: usually done in tandem with vehicle lockout services, car key replacement is one of the ‘bread and butter’ services provided by most automotive locksmiths. After all, what good will it do to help you get back inside your vehicle if you can’t turn on the ignition to get back on the road?

Ignition key repair and replacement: not only do you need keys to get into your vehicle or to pop the trunk, but you’ll also need your ignition key to work to get your vehicle started. Automotive locksmiths can help repair and replace ignition keys as well as replace ignition barrels.

Broken car key extraction: if your car key isn’t turning properly or has already snapped inside of the lock, a car locksmith in Murrieta can use specialized tools to extract the broken key pieces.

Laser key cutting: an automotive locksmith can laser cut traditional and side-winder keys for most vehicles that use traditional physical key and lock systems.

Transponder key reprogramming: your car’s transponder key communicates with the ignition to allow or deny the driver from starting the vehicle. Reprogramming a transponder key requires specific information relevant to your vehicle, such as make, model, and vehicle identification number (VIN). A car locksmith I Murrieta can perform this task.

Keep in mind that some automotive locksmiths also provide ancillary services in Murrieta, such as general roadside assistance and towing, but these are beyond the remit of this guide.

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